Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ask a Dentist: Why Are Dental Checkups Vital to Your Heart’s Health?

Just about everyone in Greenville, SC or anywhere else is well aware of the importance of maintaining strong and healthy teeth. What many people may be less aware of is the strong connection between the health of the mouth and overall physical health. There have been many serious inquiries into this subject, and a certified dentist can help educate readers on this subject by detailing some of the information that links oral health with overall health. Ask a Dentist The Many Links between Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Illness Mouth bacteria can cause damage to blood vessels. According to research performed at the State University of New York, DNA fragments originating from several different types of periodontal bacteria have been found in arterial walls. This discovery strongly supports a theory which holds that bacteria from the mouth migrate into the bloodstream and can cause plaque build up on the walls of arteries.

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