Thursday, June 25, 2015

Have Your Family Avoid Dental Health Problems with Regular Check-Ups

Although family dental experts in Greenville, SC are capable enough to help any family with its dental problems, wouldn't it be better to stop the problem from even happening? Regular dental check-ups at local clinics like Falls Park Dentistry can ensure that the overall state of your oral health is at its best. Some people may think that it's all about teeth and gums, but your mouth as a whole is actually one of the most critical areas of your body Preventative Care First of all, many diseases often show their earliest signs in the mouth. For example, early tooth loss is often indicative of an increased risk of Alzheimer's while gum disease can be commonly found among those who suffer from diabetes. Furthermore, oral infections have also been linked to heart diseases. This is not to mention the possibility of oral cancer, either in the mouth or the throat.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Skilled Dentist in Greenville, SC Can Help You Smile Confidently

A good-looking smile is a great asset. Not everyone, however, is lucky to be born with a perfect set of teeth. Problems like yellowing teeth, chipped teeth and missing teeth can make you hesitant about smiling. Thankfully, patients can seek the help of a skilled dentist in Greenville, SC. With the right cosmetic dentistry procedures, you’d be able show your teeth with all confidence and no hesitation. Teeth Whitening As one of the simplest processes a dentist can perform, teeth whitening is also one of the more commonly performed procedures. This is because your teeth go through a lot every day; when you eat or drink certain foods or drinks like tea, there is a chance for them to stain your teeth. Even if you’re careful, your teeth will still naturally discolor from age.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On Teeth Whitening and Other Dental Treatments for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can bring about a huge number of physical changes, and they’re not always on the positive side—recurrent back pains, fat buildup in the arms and ankles, and hormonal fluctuations. When such changes occur, simple joys from having a white and healthy smile seems a fairly acceptable trade-off. Still, the question remains: can pregnant women visit a local dentist operating in the Greenville area and elsewhere and have their teeth cosmetically treated? The answer is somewhat complicated. So far, there’s been no scientific research proving that teeth whitening for expectant mothers is good or bad, though several makers of whitening products recommend that pregnant women avoid their products for the meantime. Some dentists have also advised their patients to wait until after pregnancy before they can use over-the-counter whitening products.

See a Dentist for Immediate Tooth Replacement to Avoid Complications

When patients lose a tooth or even a set of teeth, a few negative effects can happen. One such consequence would be damaged self-esteem, stemming from a less-than-perfect smile. It’s also common to feel frustrated when there’s a lack of biting power, making eating hard food difficult. Tooth loss may be a fairly common condition, but not a lot of people know about its deeper underlying effects. If you do lose a tooth, it’s best not to wait it out until you get used to it. As any trusted dentist would always stress, replacing a lost tooth as soon as possible is critical because of one thing: bone loss.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Greenville, SC Family Dentistry: What to Expect from Preventive Care

Decay and gum disease are the two leading causes of tooth loss. Early detection and treatment of these issues can help you avoid going through the painful, costly process of losing your teeth and then paying for dental restoration solutions. Preventive dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with managing oral health, preventing tooth decay, and treating dental diseases. People of all ages, from infants, adolescents, up to the elderly, can benefit from preventive dentistry. To give you an idea of what to expect when you visit a Greenville, SC family dental office for preventive dentistry.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Dentist in Greenville, SC: Tips on Dental Implant Post-Surgery Care

Getting dental implants is one of the most popular and effective options for replacing lost teeth. This type of dental procedure involves attaching an artificial tooth directly into the gum tissues and through the jaw bone, which makes it a perfect choice for those who want something more permanent compared to removable dentures. The treatment, however, doesn’t just stop once your new teeth are in place, you will also need to take proper care of your implants way after the procedure has been completed. Here are some tips for dental implant post-surgery care from a trusted dentist in Greenville, SC.