Thursday, October 23, 2014

Family Dentistry in Greenville, SC Stresses the Value of Fluoridation

This may sound familiar to many residents of South Carolina, where water fluoridation is not mandatory. Only city governments have the authority to implement or discontinue the practice, and even then, fluoridation policies can vary from one place to another. In fact, the most recent statistics say that only 93.8 percent of South Carolinians are supplied with fluoridated water—a slight reduction compared to 94.6 percent in 2006. Fortunately, family dentistry in Greenville, SC can fill in this gap by means of fluoride treatments that help ensure strong and healthy teeth among kids. Although fluoride toothpastes are cheaper and more accessible, their minimal fluoride content is guaranteed to fade away after a short time. By contrast, a professional fluoride treatment introduces the chemical directly into the enamel or the outer layer of teeth, thereby providing an immediate yet longer-lasting effect.

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