Monday, October 26, 2015

Feeling the Pain? Visit a Greenville, SC Dentist to Get a Root Canal

Skilled dentists in Greenville, SC would be able to perform the procedure. A root canal can be done in a single visit, though sometimes additional appointments are needed for really bad cases. The first step is for the dentist to x-ray your tooth to determine the degree of damage and if anesthesia is needed; if the nerves are dead, then none would be needed. Once that is determined, a dam is placed around the tooth to prevent saliva from entering. The dentist then drills an access hole into the tooth. The infected pulp, the bacteria, and tooth decay are then removed via root canal files. The root canals are also filed away so that any remnant would be removed.Afterwards, the tooth is sealed with a rubber compound to ensure that your tooth won’t get infected again.

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